Mehmet Akif İnan Secondary School

The school is situated in Bayrampaşa, one of the most popular and historical districts of Istanbul and is very easy to reach by all means of transportation. Our school has 1825 students and most of the students are from different ethnic and religious backgrounds which already reflects the diversity of the cosmopolitan city. Our school has a very important place in educational institutions not only because of its graduates’ contributions but also because it’s in Bayrampaşa, which is the culture and art centre of Istanbul.


It embraces all children from any family has different economical and educational basis.

We present a General State Secondary School that offers an education in Maths ,Science,Sports,Art,Foreign Languages(English),Turkish Sections. The students can get general education in our school and they can get to the different fields High schools after they finish the education in our school. Our School highly motivates performing like  theatre(Plays),Music chorus (Turkish folk music), chess, publishing a magazine and sports (like wrestling, ping-pong, basketball,football,etc),Art exhibitions  which are hel by the students and teachers of the school every year.We have been carrying these activities systematically for years. Sports is popular activity in our school and we are really good at sports. The students of our school got many medals in Istanbul,Turkey and Europe. We are proud of them. We would like our students, who are busy with these activities,communicate with the students from other countries who are doing similar activities. That will be an important part of our project.

The families of the students have mostly average income level. There are lots of migrants who were migrated about 1950s.They are Bosnian, Macedonian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Yugoslavian, Greek and Armenian.The role in the project is coordinating the project and mentor for the students cooperation. This will be perfect for our pupils to broaden their minds in the diversity of European cultures and languages and its value. What is more, it will help them to develop fully their potential for creativity, generating innovation and active citizenship. We believe that this project will make the pupils acquire the basic life-skills and competences necessary for their personal development stimulating them to do research systematically. In developing the project, they will have the ideas and turn them into action.