IES Sineu

Our organisation is a secondary institute that has pupils from 12 to 16 years old. The total number during this schoolar year is 595. These ages is compulsary to go to school  in Spain.

We also have two years of Batxillerat, which is Gymnasium including pupils aged 16 to 18 years old. With 139 pupils.

And also medium vocational studies of Nets and Informatic systems. These pupils are 16 to 18 years old. They are 36.

 Also a group of 21 students that do a kind of specific pre-vocational studies for those who do not reach to get the compulsary studies succesfully.

121 of our pupils have some kind of specific and special education needs.

 The total number of teachers is 98.

Our pupils come from 9 different little towns located in the center of Majorca.The total population for our school is 19733 inhabitants that represent the 2,25% of all Majorcan population.

It's a quiet school and pupils usually get better marks that the average of the Balearic Islands. We have a very active group of teachers and pupils doing activities related with environment, a training programme on school mediation, a group of linguistic volunteers as our mothern tongue is Catalan and as we receive pupils from other countries every year they get specific classes in order to learn our language.

Our specific needs and goals we would like to achieve with the European Projects next years are:

- to increase international experience among pupils and teachers. 

- to explore the best practices of our peer institutions at the local level.

- to exchange ideas about teaching methods and educational systems.

- to use new technologies to enrich the learning experience.

- to learn about and expand upon our approaches to curriculum development by encompassing elements from other countries.

- to connect with other cultures and traditions to cultivate an educational community that is dynamic and attuned to the world around us.

- to incorporate educational content about the regional, national, and European market.

- to broaden knowledge through educational digital resources and programmes online.

 - to promote cooperation and integration among different educational fields