Miejski Zespół Szkół nr 2 w Ciechanowie

Our school complex ( primary school+  middle school)  is located  in the western part of the town Ciechanów, located in the region called Mazowsze (Mazovia), about 100 km from the capital of Poland, Warsaw. The school is attended by 838 students , aged by 6-15. Our staff consists of 92 teachers.

Our students’ families have a various social and financial status. Many of them , both those living in Ciechanów as well as those from surrounding villages are poor families , often with many children.

Moreover, due to the type of school (integrated classes for students with special needs), it is attended by children from all over the town. Bearing in mind their specific needs, we have adopted the school building and equipped it in order to enable them to function independently. Some of our students and teachers belong to religious minorities. (Pentecostals, Jehovah’s followers, Seventh Day Adventists.)

It is also worth mentioning that the school is one of the best in our town, despite all the difficulties we are confronted with. The staff takes great care of  high accademic achievements.  As a result, many of our  students are winners of important regional and national contests at different subjects, such as English, Polish, Biology or Physics.  Furthermore, the school has recieved a considerable number of prizes in various areas, for example, we got the  honourable titles of  „School with Class 2.0”„ School – friendly for everyone” „School that Discovers Talents successfully ”, „School without Violence.”  or „Certificate of School Promoting Healthy Lifestyle” 

Our students are open-minded, crative and determined to change the local world they live in. So, they are active members of Polish Red Cross Youth Movement. Apart from this, on their own  initiative a school volunteer club was established. Its major aim is  to help local people and students from deprived background. Additionally, we have got many types of clubs such as Maths, drama, theatre, art and scout team that perform different activities  during the year. Sport is also an important part of our students’  daily lives. We have got a handball team which suceeded in winning the national championship last year.(?) Another popular sports disciplines  with our students are football, swimming, nordic-walking, cycling and athletics.

In our opinion, it is of great  importance for our students to get involved in international projects, as they have an enormous potential to develop key competences and skills for example: creativity communication, cooperation, critical thinking. They are vital for success in future life and address global awareness.